Still Alive

Hey if anyone has been trying to read my blog… oops. I have been really busy now that the weather has gotten good so I haven’t been as focused on writing blog posts or making videos. I am now 27 days from my return flight so it is coming pretty quickly and slowly at the same […]

Eurotour Vorbei!

So the tour is over now and we have all been sleeping. Thus why my post is extremely late. I haven’t really had the energy after I got back either. Most of the tour I was healthy but I got sick in the last two days and it really knocked me out for good. The […]

St Patricks day!

Happy St Patricks day! I have a fun story from today. So here in Germany there is really no celebration going on today. Until the Sun was already down I had no clue that there was a holiday going on. I had just called up my grandparents and then I got a text from my […]

Travel Plans

Time is flying! I only have 18 days till Eurotour.  I need to start counting clothes and make sure I have enough for 12 days because we only wash one time halfway through. Also everything needs to fit into one suitcase which I am not 100% sure if I can manage. It might come down to […]

Spring is Coming!

Good news here in Germany! Now that we are in March it looks like Spring decided to show up. I have been enjoying the weather walking the dog. This week I even got to go out with him for an hour. He was very very happy. There isn’t much news right now other than that […]


You are probably wanting to know what this title means, I will get around to that. Firstly I am going to talk about other stuff for the purposes of suspense. Some of you might have noticed my very very late video on wednesday. That is due to my MacBooks lack of power to comprehend 3GB […]

Science Spaß!

Happy Friday! So I just noticed as I got on here to write the blog post for today that I haven’t written a blog post last week. However, I have a good reason for forgetting! The wonders of science. For the past two weeks I have been working at an internship in the physics museum […]